Creative and Magical Baby Room Ideas for your Little One!

Congratulations on your baby! I know you’re so excited about the upcoming cute little addition to your family!

We can only imagine how ecstatic your whole family is, specially you who feels the bump getting bigger and bigger each day!

I know you might feel a little bored just staying at home the whole day, resting, taking care of the baby inside you. But you also know that this is something you need to do for you and baby.

If your baby bump is not yet too big or too obvious, then you can still do a little exercise. Unless your doctor advises you otherwise, you may start decorating the room of your baby so you can give it a personal touch. Here are some creative and affordable ideas to do that.


White wall backdrop

Everything starts with the mood of the baby room. The walls set the mood and tone of the whole room so better be careful in choosing their paint color. I advise that you go for the safest, and cheapest option – white.

With a plain clean white wall, you can change the theme of the baby room whenever you like. It also sets a bright, neat, and lively atmosphere. If you want to go all colorful and lively, use decorations to achieve that. Keep in mind that your baby will grow old and when that time comes, you can’t be sure if he or she would want a blue, tangerine, pink, or green wall. To be safe, pick the white color.


Colorful decors all over

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As mentioned above, colorful decorations can transform a room into a livelier more youthful area that’s suitable for a baby. When your baby starts to see, she or he can also start appreciating shapes and colors.

You have wide variety of options for decorations, like sophisticated yet youthful photo frames with pictures of shapes inside, colorful buntings hanging on the wall, a very noticeable lamp, big carton letters with loud colors, or floating shelves with different items thereon. You can even attach huge paper flowers like those in the photo.  You might also want to add a vanity table in the baby room where you can watch over him or her while you doll up. You have as many options are there are stars in the skies.


Stuff it with animals!

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Talk about timeless baby room decorations. Some parents cut out glittery papers into different animal heads and hang them on the ceiling using yarns. Some would attach stuffed animals in a baby chandelier. There are others who would fill floating shelves with these stuffed animals. All these cute decorations are wonderful additions to your nursery room.



Storage area in one place

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Nobody wants a cluttered room, especially if it is for a baby. One way to make the baby room look more organized is by placing only one huge storage area of everything, clothes, toys, and other baby items, inside the room.



Decorate the ceiling

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Finally, when your baby starts to see, he or she wouldn’t be able to walk yet. Most of the time, the baby just lays down on their crib, whether awake or sleeping. Let your baby be entertained by what he or she sees on the ceiling. You can put glow in the dark stickers there or hang some colorful decorations. This will surely make the room more enjoyable for your little one.