Reasons why you Really Need to Remodel your Bathroom Now

Woah! Have you checked your calendar lately? We’re almost at the end of the first quarter of 2018. Before we know it, we’re already approaching Christmas yet again. Looking back on the first quarter of 2018, have you done anything relevant? Or maybe something really big that can actually result to great progress in your life?

Well, I just wanted to put that question out there but this article is focused in inspiring you to remodel your bathroom right now, especially if you have not done so since you moved in. If you’ve been in that house for several years, it’s about time you update your bathroom, not only for styling purposes, but for the following important reasons.

To Make it Water-Efficient

Water efficiency is not only important in your bathroom but in all parts of your house where water is emitted. However, we take a bath everyday and utilize the most amount of water in this part of our home. Therefore, you should be conscious of water usage here.

There are certain standards set by various countries in order to encourage the manufacture and sale of water-efficient plumbing fixtures. If you are not that familiar with those fixtures, try looking up for waterless urinals, dual-flush toilet bowls, and water-efficient shower heads. Just make sure you hire a reliable plumber to install them for you.

To Make it more Stylish

You don’t really need to spend that much to make your bathroom stylish. While you have to buy new furniture for your living room or have a new shelf installed for your bedroom to make them look glamorous, you just need a little painting job on your bathroom and you can turn it into a more stylish one. Try adding succulents or some floating shelves mounted on the wall and you’ll be surprised at how beautiful your bathroom will look after.

To Create More Space

Space is really a big challenge for apartment owners and for most newly-married couples. Bathroom is usually the first area of the house that gets affected by our space-saving efforts. So when you remodel your bathroom, try creating more space inside it. You can turn the sink into a sink-and-storage area by putting some shelves under it. You can also save space by re-installing your toilet right next to the shower area and by attaching a glass shower screen to serve as their dividers. If you know the right plumber to call, they can even suggest more ideas to you.

To Improve Air Quality

Improving air quality in the bathroom is a must, not only to make the environment healthier but to keep your bathroom fixtures safe from wear and tear damage. One of the ways to ensure better indoor air quality inside your bathroom is by installing an exhaust fan somewhere inside. Without it, odor and mositure will be trapped inside this small room in your house, causing your fixtures and wooden ceiling to wear out more easily.