Different Vanity Table Ideas for a Personalized Diva Area 

Standing up while putting makeup on, holding your lipstick on one hand and your powder on another. This is never the best way to doll up before going to school or work. Having your own diva area at home is not only for celebrities. Every girl deserves to have that exclusive area where she can turn herself into the prettiest person on earth or at least the most gorgeous in front of the mirror. Kidding!

Just like you, I also used to put makeup in the most uncomfortable areas of the house – in my bed where everything in my kit is scattered. The problem with this is that I usually mess the covers up with spilled tint and spread out powder blush. So if you want to have that Taylor Swift diva area like the one in the photo above, you don’t have to spend as much as she did, because today, we’re giving you a few ideas on how to make your own makeup station right inside your own room.

Furry carpet on the floor


Let’s start with the floor. Girls barely notice that room flooring has power in it. The same goes with  your diva area floor covers. Instead of plain-colored carpets, why don’t you go loud and place a furry one on the floor. It’s up to you if you’ll go for wild colors like pink, purple, or red. But you can imitate this one on the photo, a beige furry carpet or any other earth tone. This will surely lend an air of glamour in your diva room.  Photo Source

Greens and florals for mirror frame

We often see nature incorporated in various parts of the house. Succulents and indoor plants have never been as prevalent in the history of home interior design as they are now. But for a change, put those small bundle of flowers or greenery on one side of your vanity mirror. You can also embed as many as you want. This will give your vanity table the fresh feels. By the way, you can either go for artificial flowers or fresh ones, as long as you timely dispose of the latter.

Mirror-Slash-Table Top

This is one of my personal favorites. To put it simply, this type of vanity table is assembled to be similar to a laptop where the monitor is the mirror. It’s a flexible, space-saving, anti-mirror breaking revolution in a vanity table. It’s just amazing how you can simple put down the mirror after use and turn the vanity station into an ordinary usable working table. Amazing! Photo Source


Baskets, NOT Drawers

For those who are not lovers of drawers for one reason or another,  well, you don’t have to face a cluttered vanity table top at all. Instead off drawers, you can put some beautiful baskets inside the space right under the table. Hire reliable handymen to make a customized table for you. Photo Source


Glass table top with drawer under

Another personal favorite is this glass table top with drawers under. What I love about this vanity table is that you can actually see the content of your drawer while you’re trying to get hold of your lipstick, powder, or blush. Just imagine how convenient that is! In fact, you can also this to your bathroom shelves should you decide to remodel your bathroom.  Photo Source