Payment method of Crunchyroll app

In this section, we are going to tell you about the payment details of Crunchyroll app. This application totally free of cost. But, if you want to get the premium version of this application, megabox then you need to pay for that. The prices are very appropriate. Everyone can easily ay them. In addition to that, the payment methods are very simple.

The developers are using simple methods so that the users can make their payments easily. In case of IOS operating system devices, the users need to decide the package they want. There are different packages for the IOS users.

The monthly premium charges for this application are 6. 99 dollars.

On the other hand, if you are getting a member ship the charges remains the same. The developers of this application are charging 11. 99 dollars if the users are trying to get premium monthly package as well as all access membership of Crunchyroll app. These are reasonable charges and can be paid easily to the developers of Crunchyroll app. There are many people who said that they are not getting free trial of this Crunchyroll app. They want to check the application before paying but they are unable to get free trial offer.

Game Hacker : Works on Rooted Devices

Before you could download the APK file on your Android phones, make sure that your device is rooted. You will not be able to download the app on unrooted devices. You can use Kingroot to root your devices or root apps like Towelroot, Framaroot and others. Enjoy the app while sb game hacker playing your favorite games using this app. The game hacker is user friendly.

All you need to do is to type the resource that you need in the search option and you will have it within few minutes.

This game hacker app is a game modifying tool that is easy to use. The SB game hacker helps you to get unlimited gold, silver, live, money and others. Also, it does not have annoying add and it can be downloaded for free. This game hacker can work only on rooted devices. Use Kingroot first if your device is not rooted.

Videoder : Tips on Using the App on your Tablet and Android

Videoder App is a reliable app for downloading video and videoder music from YouTube. By downloading music and videos, you can watch any time and anywhere even without internet connection. Through Videoder, you can download your favorite tracks and download music for your parties. For movie lovers who prefer to watch it using their mobile devices this app is for you. There are some sites similar to this but Videoder is highly recommended.


How to Use Videoder


In choosing your favorite music or videos use the selection checkbox, through this you can download all your chosen videos with one click. You can download all the videos that you have selected at the same time instead of one by one. This will help you save time. To download the video in your preferred format, use the quick download option.


You can download the video in HD quality 240P, 1080P, 360P, and 720P. You can also download the video in MP3 format. Through enhanced preview feature you can preview videos in high definition quality and you can minimize the other videos by swiping down. If you want to watch it again, you just have to tap it again.

Lucky Patcher : How to Hack Android Games

The method of hacking games on your Android devices is easy. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  • The first thing you need to do is to enable the installation from “unknown sources” : go to settings then to luckypatcher security and check the box Unknown sources.
  • Next download and install the Lucky Patcher on your mobile or Android device.
  • It will display all the games and apps installed on your device.
  • Choose the game that contains the app purchases. Tap on the game to get the in app purchases for free.
  • Next click on “open menu of patches”
  • Then choose the “create modified apk”
  • Next choose “support patch for in App emulation” and “support patch for LVL emulation”
  • Tap “rebuild the app” button found at the lower part of the screen and it will begin creating patched app. It normally takes few minutes for the app to rebuild.
  • As soon as the rebuild is done click on ok and exit.
  • You can now uninstall the app for hacking in-app purchases which you have chosen in Lucky Patcher.
  • Open your sdcard in your Android then data and then com.forpda.lp and the files. Next open your Lucky Patcher and modified and the game you want to hack.  
  • You will have two folders one with the same name of your app and the others labeled as keys.
  • Open the folder with Lucky Patcher, you will then have the modified APK file of your app.
  • Install the application from the above folder. Then have fun playing the games.

A dialogue box will open up, simply choose “save purchase for restore” and then tap on the yes button to buy it.


OG YouTube : Download the Latest APK Version

Since the OG YouTube is not available in Google Play Store, you will og youtube download the ARK file and install it in your device manually. You download the latest version for free. You can download the APK file in your PC or mobile from a reliable website. Once you have downloaded the APK file in your PC, you can transfer the file to your mobile.


How to Install the APK File


You should enable your Android OS to be able to install the files from the “unknown sources.” Therefore it is important that you allow download from unknown sources before you can install any APK file directly. To do this, go to the security setting of your phone. Find the unknown sources and check the box.

Now on your Android device, tap the OG downloader APK file and agree to the confirmation message that will pop up. The OG YouTube downloader will be installed.


OG YouTube downloader is the best YouTube client with all its useful features. So, if you want to save your favorite YouTube videos and songs in your device, it is best that you try this application. Some of the issues fixed in the latest version of OG are the problems about Android marshmallow, chromecast playing issues and others. Login problems are fixed and the download is increased 5 times.

Cinema Box – Download and Install the App for Android

Cinema Box app for tablets and Android mobile is a streaming application for mobiles that enables you to play shows, animes, cartoon, and movies.

Have you tried watching movies using your phone? If you haven’t tried it yet use this great app.  There are lots of other streaming applications. Some of them did not last long and others are not working properly. If you have tried something on your phone and they are not working properly do not wait for their bug to be fixed. Uninstall those apps and install this latest Cinema Box APK on your device.

You might have heard of the Play Box HD and this app cinema box apk was working perfectly but the server got down a few months ago. Some of their users are still waiting for the app to be fixed. So, the developers finally decided to introduce a new app for all the Playbox HD. It is now called the Cinema Box app.

Downloading the Cinema Box

Cinema Box can be downloaded on your smartphone. If you are an iPad or iPhone user download the Cinema Box for iOS. Downloading it on your Android phone should follow different steps on downloading the app. The process of getting Cinema Box for your Android device is simple-

  • First, download the apk file of Cinema Box its because the app is not available in the Play Store.
  • When you are done installing the apk, open the search box then type Cinema Box. Make sure that you turn on “unknown sources” in the Security Settings before you start installing the app.
  • Go to the file manager and search for the app and click install.
  • Installing can be completed in less  than a minute.

Drawback of the Freedom Apk

This application has got a certain type of drawback. One of the prime drawbacks of the application freedom-apk is its unavailability in the Google Playstore.

This application is not available in the Google Playstore as this is not an authenticated application. This is a kind of hacking application which allows free access to all the games that you play. So you may have to face some issues while installing the application in your device.

Use of Bluestacks

You can install the application only with the Bluestacks feature that is available on the internet. Then only you can install the application. We are not sure whether the application is compatible with all type of smart devices and any game. Though the application runs with most of the popular games, we do not know about its universal usage.

Drawbacks of Zapya

Genuinely speaking there is no such drawback of the Zapya application. But with technologies getting more and more advanced day by day, people may need some software which can transfer files at more speed.

With the Zapya application, there is absolutely no loss in the battery life of the device. Which means huge junk of data can be shared with losing 1% of the battery.

Not meant zapya for amateurs

The interface of the application is user-friendly. But it may be a bit problematic for the amateur users to understand the function of the software. Besides the user needs to download the application to use it. The application can be made pre-installed in the devices so that the user can get the access with more ease. On the development purpose, it also suggested making the application available in many other languages so that the user from around the world can use it in their languages.  

Social media exposure of Viva video

You will find that this application is the only application that is available in the play store which gives you free access to all the features and lets you enjoy them gracefully. You are provided with some best set of video editing effects and features that help you to do some great piece of work on the videos and the images.

Make slideshow

You can create a viva video slideshow of the images and present it to your loved ones. After editing the videos or after making the slideshow of the images, you can save them in the mp4 format on the devices. As they are saved in the mp4 format, you can also share them on every social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, etc. Sharing your creation will help your video to reach people pretty easily.


Facts about the Showbox App

Following are some facts about the Showbox App that have been introduced by the app developers. Some of these facts are as under:

  • The showbox showbox application is very simple and easy to use. It provides complete instructions and information that is convenient for the users.
  • The application does not need any amount to download and install it in your phone.
  • The developers have created a huge database for the users in which they can save the new as well as the old collection of the videos.
  • The app can be downloaded easily on different devices, but the process is a little bit tricky. All the guides and instructions are provided to the users.
  • Sometimes, the app android tablets provide vouchers to the users to give multiple benefits and save their money.
  • The process of downloading can be paused and resumed for some time so that the users can download them successfully.
  • The users of the applications can also share their favorite videos and movies to their friends and family members with the help of social media.
  • The application also allows the users to view different videos in the offline mode. For this, you have to mark the video as favorite in the online mode.


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