Drawback of the Freedom Apk

This application has got a certain type of drawback. One of the prime drawbacks of the application freedom-apk is its unavailability in the Google Playstore.

This application is not available in the Google Playstore as this is not an authenticated application. This is a kind of hacking application which allows free access to all the games that you play. So you may have to face some issues while installing the application in your device.

Use of Bluestacks

You can install the application only with the Bluestacks feature that is available on the internet. Then only you can install the application. We are not sure whether the application is compatible with all type of smart devices and any game. Though the application runs with most of the popular games, we do not know about its universal usage.


Social media exposure of Viva video

You will find that this application is the only application that is available in the play store which gives you free access to all the features and lets you enjoy them gracefully. You are provided with some best set of video editing effects and features that help you to do some great piece of work on the videos and the images.

Make slideshow

You can create a viva video slideshow of the images and present it to your loved ones. After editing the videos or after making the slideshow of the images, you can save them in the mp4 format on the devices. As they are saved in the mp4 format, you can also share them on every social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, etc. Sharing your creation will help your video to reach people pretty easily.



Drawbacks of Zapya

Genuinely speaking there is no such drawback of the Zapya application. But with technologies getting more and more advanced day by day, people may need some software which can transfer files at more speed.

With the Zapya application, there is absolutely no loss in the battery life of the device. Which means huge junk of data can be shared with losing 1% of the battery.

Not meant zapya for amateurs

The interface of the application is user-friendly. But it may be a bit problematic for the amateur users to understand the function of the software. Besides the user needs to download the application to use it. The application can be made pre-installed in the devices so that the user can get the access with more ease. On the development purpose, it also suggested making the application available in many other languages so that the user from around the world can use it in their languages.  


Facts about the Showbox App

Following are some facts about the Showbox App that have been introduced by the app developers. Some of these facts are as under:

  • The showbox showbox application is very simple and easy to use. It provides complete instructions and information that is convenient for the users.
  • The application does not need any amount to download and install it in your phone.
  • The developers have created a huge database for the users in which they can save the new as well as the old collection of the videos.
  • The app can be downloaded easily on different devices, but the process is a little bit tricky. All the guides and instructions are provided to the users.
  • Sometimes, the app android tablets provide vouchers to the users to give multiple benefits and save their money.
  • The process of downloading can be paused and resumed for some time so that the users can download them successfully.
  • The users of the applications can also share their favorite videos and movies to their friends and family members with the help of social media. 
  • The application also allows the users to view different videos in the offline mode. For this, you have to mark the video as favorite in the online mode.



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who will benefit most from this site? (return to top)
Those who are remotely hosted and want to create a dynamic yet compatible user friendly site will benefit most from this site.
What do I need to create such a site? (return to top)
Obviously, you will need a web site. Your site must have CGI capabilty and have PERL installed. This is in addition to FTP access. Telnet access is not necessary, but makes life much easier. If your local system is running under Windows95, that will make life easier too.

Where can I find a host that meets all these requirements? (return to top)

Here is a list of recomended hosts:


What is PERL? (return to top)
It’s a highly dynamic, fully capable Web programming language and is compatible with just about every single browser ever invented, it’s lightweight, fast, and almost never, ever crashes? Neither Microsoft nor Sun is hyping it, yet everyone in the know is using it. It’s not a buzzword like JavaScript or ActiveX. It’s been a proven technology sense the beginning of the web. Until now only hardcore Web developers, have even heard of Practical Extraction and Report Language, or “perl.”

What is CGI? (return to top)
Well start with a little clarification about the difference between CGI and perl. CGI refers to Common Gateway Interface, a means by which Web servers talk to external programs, which in turn send processed results back to the server, which then sends them to you. CGI programs can be written in any programming language, but are most frequently written in perl or C++.

When Would I Use Perl? (return to top)
The biggest difference between using perl/cgi and a solution like JavaScript is that perl does its work on the server side, rather than inside the browser. After a perl script runs, its results – usually in HTML format – are sent back to the browser as a complete document. Peril’s advantages are that it can do heavy lifting on fast machines, it can process information that resides on the server itself, and because it returns completed HTML documents, doesn’t require any special plug-ins or capabilities on the part of the user. That’s why things like search engines often use perl – the searchable database resides on the server, not on your machine. As its name implies, Perl also happens to excel at text processing.

Perl is also usually behind the scenes at sites that include page-hit counters, ad banners, guestbooks, message boards, online forms, interactive databases, and more.

Where can i find FREE Perl code? (return to top)
You can find all you need at the following site:


Why Haven’t I Heard More About Perl? (return to top)
It’s pretty simple really. No one makes money from perl. It is freeware. Although it’s been powering the web for years, it’s really not to any ones advantage to let the world know about it. However, in spite of all this Perl continues to gain acceptance across the web.

Another reason you may no be the aware of perl is that it grew up on Unix. It grew up right long side of the Internet, which is probably why it’s such a nice fit.